Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral lies in Southwest Florida directly by the Gulf of Mexico. The city was founded in 1957 by the Rosen brothers and has more than 155,000 residents.

Cape Coral was formed out of the dried-out marshland. The idyllic city of lagoons is especially beautiful due to the over 400 miles of water channels that cross the city, which got the city the nickname “Venice of America” - tropical oasis of pure beauty.

Cape Coral is a city without large high-rises or skyscrapers. Instead it is abundant in family homes and luxurious villas that have their own private docks and swimming pools, and beautiful tropical plants that grow throughout the area.

The sand beach near the yacht club offers a children’s playground with shelter from the sun, changing booths and cafes. This area is particularly enjoyed by families with young children, since the water is very shallow. Every so often you will enjoy the sound of live bands directly on the beach. The Ft. Myers Beach which goes on for many miles, offers you a “fun in the sun” experience like no other.

And the small islands Sanibel, Pine and Captiva with beautiful white sand as far as the eye can see, are the perfect place for bathing, relaxing or gathering shells.

Should you decide to go on a boat tour you can expect the pleasant company of dolphins or even manatees--beautiful plump seal-like mammals, which are a true joy to watch and observe. These animals live in salt and freshwater, and are often also seen in the shallow waters and channels near the coast.

Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral Florida

Diverse sport and outside activities in Cape Coral, Florida

For diverse sport and outside activities there are plenty of options. Whether it be relaxing at the pool, tennis or golf, jet or waterskiing, parasailing, surfing or boating, deep-sea or regular fishing, going to the Sun Splash Family Waterpark with your kids, going on an aerial tour of Cape Coral with a small private jet, cultural attractions or going on an all-out shopping binge – the city has something to offer for anyone and everyone!

Of course the Everglades National Park, Orlando, Key West, the Kennedy Space Center, as well as many city tours to Tampa, Naples, St. Petersburg or Miami, invite themselves to be explored.

The crime rate in Cape Coral is one the lowest of all comparable US cities which enjoy a high standard of living.

Due to the 335 sunny days a year, packing your bags for this exotic location will hardly be a hassle…

Welcome to the Sunshine State and enjoy your vacation!

Weather in Cape Coral, Florida:

Cape Coral, Florida Current Weather Conditions

Average Weather Temparatures
Summer: 30- 35 °C (86 - 95 Fahrenheit)
Spring/Fall/Winter: 23°C- 28°C (73 - 82 Fahrenheit)
Summer Water temperature: 26°C- 30°C (79 - 86 Fahrenheit)
Winter Water temperature: 20°C (68 Fahrenheit)

Playing golf in Cape Coral Florida

Sunny beach in Cape Coral Florida

Dolphins in Florida