Property management, property monitoring and home watch service in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida

Truly different yet competitive

We try to differentiate ourselves from other Property Managements by delivering a reliable, competent and personal single point of contact for the renter, the owner and the guest. We take the time to administer and develop your property and provide a fully professional service regarding your individual business needs.

Take advantage of satisfied vacation guests, and make them feel in good hands through the expertise and trust we offer to you and your clients.

Property management for your vacation home in Cape Coral

Property managment services

Property managment services

  • We also organize an outstanding cleaning services after the departure of your guests
  • Intermediate cleanings based on request
  • Intensive cleaning on request
  • Window cleaning
  • Lanai cleaning
  • Entrance, driveway and garage cleaning
  • Shopping service or boat reservations on guest requests
  • Introduction of the home during the arrival of your vacation guests in English, German or Spanish on request
  • Basic explanation of the technical items in the house
  • 24/7 availability for answering open questions from guests
  • We support in cases of emergency and accompany guests to the local hospital
  • Check-out and leave-taking of the guests, hand-over of keys
  • Check-in and Check-out will be recorded, in case of any damaging pictures will be taken and the owner will be informed

Profitability analysis

  • profit and loss analysis
  • operating costs
  • income / revenues
  • minimum utilized capacity
  • required actions
  • invests
  • interior
  • procurement

Support after buying a new propery

  • insurance
  • public authority support and drive-by
  • banking
  • internet, TV, telephone
  • water and electrical supplies
  • interior design and provision

Property monitoring and home watch service

Basic Package for Home Watch
We inspect your property reliably on a regular basis

Outside area

  • sight check of windows and doors
  • lawn inspection
  • pool & screen inspection
  • outdoor lighting inspection
  • sight check of boat, boat lift and boat dock
  • pest verification
  • sprinkler inspection
  • emptying the mailbox
  • putting in/out the waste bins

Inner area

  • Monitoring the sanitary facilities, flushing toilets and faucets
  • lamp inspection
  • electrical appliances inspection
  • alarm system inspection
  • pest verification
  • A/C monitoring
  • A/C filter inspection

Home surveillance and monitoring of 3rd party services

  • pool service
  • lawn service
  • pest control
  • boat service
  • cleaning service
  • handyman


  • Meanderings will be recorded
  • Owner will be informed about any changes at the same day
  • Monthly checklist will be E-mailed to owner.

Organisational services

  • We will receive a photo of your property once a month
  • Important mail deliveries will be forwarded to you by E-mail (immediately in urgent cases)
  • Vacation home folder including your documents (bills, receipts, confirmations, etc.). You can review these documents on appointment; that offers you transparency over our administration labour.
  • On your request we can forward your documents to our recommended English and German speaking accountant. They can also handle your income tax.
  • Support for dealing with public authorities
  • Optimizing of operating costs
  • Commissioning of sub-companies and repair services after forwarding their offerings to you. Based on your final acknowledgement, we seek the best value-for-money and only work with renowned companies, that offer an excellent service.
  • We do not need your bank authorization!

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Property management of your vacation home in Cape Coral

homewatch services: pool & screen inspection

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